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Overview Authentica Creator 1.3

Authentica Creator Overview

Folder Structure

  • For each Authentica project a project folder will be created and saved in the main data folder.
  • The default name of the main data folder is "authentica" and the default location ".../Users/YourUsername".
  • Each project folder contains three subfolders named "Materials", "Objects" and "Scenes".
  • Whenever a material is generated, also a rectangular object (which contains the material) as well as a scene (which contains the object) are created automatically in the current projects subfolders.
  • The Authentica folder structure is shown in the Scene tabs project folder viewer.
  • Authentica data can only be exchanged if it is in a project folder. If you want to share a material, object or scene with someone, transfer the corresponding project folder and the recipient can import it via the Import Project function in the Scene Tab.


Don't move the Authentica main data folder and any folders and/or files within the Authentica main data folder and project folders. If you want to delete a material, object or scene you can do so by putting the corresponding folder into the trash bin. But keep in mind, that if a material or object which is used in a scene is deleted, Authentica Creator is not able to show this scene anymore.

Problems with Umlaut on Windows

On Windows operating systems no umlaut or other special characters can be used in any names for files or folders.

Create new Project and Set Active Project

  • You can create a new project and set the active project by clicking on the New Project icon in the lower left corner of Authentica Creator.