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Advanced Color Management

If highly accurate color reproduction is a top priority for your application, you might consider applying color profiles before generating materials in Authentica Creator.

Create a Color Profile

  • Acquire a RAW image of a color checker with the modelling light mode of your illumination device (e.g. for the Truvis Helios S53: repeatedly press the 'MOD/SEQ'-button until it has a blue color. All LEDs should be active now.).
  • Open the RAW image in a RAW converter of your choice and convert save it as a TIFF image.
  • Save the settings you used for this conversion as they are needed again later on.
  • Use a program which can generate color profiles like basICColor to generate a ICC color profile. Alternatively you can also generate a ICC color profile online.
  • Place the ICC file in ".../System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/".

Apply a Color Profile

  • Convert the 48 acquired RAW images of the object to TIFF images using exactly the same settings as used for the conversion of the color checker image.
  • Open the 48 TIFF images in Photoshop or any other image processing program and assign the color profile to these images. In Photoshop you find this option under Edit -> Assign Profile.
  • After you have assigned the profile you have to convert the profile of the 48 images to sRGB. In Photoshop you find this option under Edit -> Convert to Profile.
  • Save the 48 images. They are now ready to be processed in ACreator.
  • There is also a way to use this procedure on a batch of images. See this page and/or this one.