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Import 3rd party PTMs

Authentica Creator also supports the import of PTMs generated with 3rd party tools such as RTIBuilder. Currently we support PTMs of type LRGB in the binary .ptm format.

For information on how to import Authentica Scenes, Objects or Materials generated with Authentica Creator on other devices, see Import a Project.

Import a .ptm file

  • To import a .ptm file choose Tools -> Import PTM from the menu bar.
  • In the resulting pop-up, click 'Choose File', locate the .ptm file you wish to import, and then click 'Open.'
  • Under 'Name', specify the name that should be used for the imported file.
  • Click 'Import'

The .ptm file will be imported as a Authentica Material, Object and Scene into your current active project. You can now use these files in the same way as other files generated with Authentica Creator.