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How to capture and prepare images for Authentica Creator

Device Set-up

Please refer to the manual of your illumination device for guidance on how to set-up and operate your device for capturing a set of input images.

Manuals of officially supported devices:

If you are using the Highlight-RTI method, or a custom device not listed above, please read the instructions provided in Custom Calibrations, to learn how to generate and use a custom calibration file.

Object Set-up

  • Place the object you want to photograph on a uniform and non-reflective surface.

Camera Settings & Image Format

  • White Balance: Make sure to set the white balance according to the color of your illuminant. Please refer to the manufacturer or manual of your illumination device for more information.
  • Image Format: TIFF. The input images must be in TIFF format for processing with Authentica Creator. Depending on your use case and preference, it might still be advisable to shoot in RAW format, and later convert the images to TIFF.
  • Bit depth: you may use a color depth of 16 or 8 Bit for the TIFF images.
  • Color space: sRGB. Input images must be in sRGB color space.

Switch off Orientation Sensor

If your camera has an orientation sensor switch it off. If it is not switched off, some images might be rotated which will cause issues while processing. You may later change the orientation of your object directly in the Authentica Creator software.

Image Manipulations

  • It is advised to apply corrections for chromatic aberration and lens profile of your camera system to all images.
  • You may also adjust parameters such as brightness and color temperature of your images. Apart from correcting the white balance (see above), which may be done on a per light source/image basis, all other image manipulations should be indentical for all the images.
  • You may crop a rectangular selection which contains the object. Smaller input images will be faster to process. Make sure to apply the exact same crop area to all images.


Make sure you only crop rectangular sections and don't rotate images. You will have the possibility to cut non rectangular sections and apply rotation in Authentica Creator once the digital material is created.


  • Try to make sure there are no other light sources lighting the object during the image acquisition. With only a small amount of ambient light you should still obtain reasonable results.
  • Make sure there is no camera movement between different shots in the captured image sequence.

Prepare Images for Authentica Creator