Standard rendering of dried leaf as known from simple color photography. Enhanced rendering of dried leaf highlighting irregularities in surface texture.

We provide a modular toolchain covering all your needs from illumination, image acquisition and processing until the interactive visualisation in a desktop and web environment.

All steps of our toolchain are also available as independent services.
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Communicate the true to life appearance of high quality objects and materials through online channels. Interact in real-time from any device and create engaging experiences in e-commerce, fine arts presentation and online marketing.


Gain new insights through detailed and accurate surface inspection. In depth analysis methods for art restoration, materials science and quality control.


Get reproducible and precise results documenting the condition of precious objects. Record and track the state of items in cultural heritage and fine arts institutions, or valuables insurance.

Core technology

The architecture of our system has been developed with a modular mindset. Therefore it allows an easy integration in any system or software.
Contact us to discuss your project and ideas. We believe in using the right tool for the job, that's why we are agnostic when it comes to programming languages and toolkits.

We develop products to the specific needs of each customer.