Truvis rti.js

Embedd Authentica in any Website

rti.js is a free web viewer for content created with Authentica Creator. It allows you to embedd your visualizations into any webpage.


rt.js is based on open web technologies like JavaScript, WebGL, HTML and CSS. This allows embedding on any website for any device, without the need of additional plug-ins or installation.


Create impressive and engaging interactive visualizations of your products or exhibition objects to enable a hands-on online experience for your audience.


rti.js is built upon the open source JavaScript/WebGL library three.js. This gives developers acces to a wide eco-system of tools and resources to get creative and integrate with existing 3D content.



rti.js goes beyond a static display and allows direct interaction with a scene's light sources and objects from any device.


The embeddable viewer adapts to any screen size and resolution out of the box.

Fast & High-Resolution

rti.js implements a adaptive multilevel tiling approach for serving high-resolution content. Texture data is loaded on demand based on each user's display size. This allows fast response times and fluid interaction no matter the size of your data.


Objects and light sources can be animated with minimal code to create stunning and innovative visual experiences.


rti.js includes a physics-based cloth modeling solution for simulating the movements of textile materials.

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