Web Visualisation How to

1. Export your scene from Authentica Creator using the ''Export for Web' button.

2. Open the file 'fullConfig.json' in the resulting folder from step 1 with a text editor.
Replace the contents of the entry 'prefix' with the path to the folder on your HTTP server where you will store your data.

3. Upload the resulting folder from step 2 to your HTTP server.

4. Download the visualisation library here and initialise the viewer with a few lines of JavaScript according to the example below.

Minimal html example

        <!DOCTYPE html>
          <script src="/scripts/rti.min.js"></script>

          <div id="viewerContainer"></div>
            // setup viewer
            var viewerContainer = document.getElementById("viewerContainer");
            var viewer = new RTI.RTIViewer(viewerContainer);

            // load scene config file and start rendering
            var objectLoader = new RTI.ObjectLoader();
              function(scene) {